New modifier in Profile callout?

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  • New modifier in Profile callout?

    Greets folks,

    My first post on the new system. (I think I like it).

    Well, here's the question, not CMM related, but I think we all need to know everything we can absorb about geometric tolerancing. So, I hope you help me out.

    We are working on some new parts and the process as well as the part definition is still being worked out.... yea, I know, sounds nuts, but thats what we do sometimes.

    In a Profile callout a circled "U" is placed betwee 2 values listed in the TCF. Normally one would expect to see one value here with perhaps a modifier.

    We think we know what this means, but I would sure like some of that "warm-fuzzy" feeling I could get if this were confirmed by a separate source.

    We think it means that the surface should be left "heavy" by the first amount and that the tolerance for the form and location is unilateral and specified in the second value.

    I tried to attach a jpeg showng this.... we'll see if it worked.


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    You are correct in your unilateral interpretation.
    It is a proposal for the next standard, but not recognized by 14.5M-1994.
    It is however in place and in use in the "cad" standard (14.something, don't remember which). I believe (I think) it comes from the ISO community.
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