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    Hi All,
    I need some advice. Just found out that I had a maintenance agreement for calibrations and not sure what else. We do not need to be certified; I just verify that the part is good. The machine NEEDS to be right. That is my main focus. What type of calibration do you guys mainly use (b89 or something else) and as far as the maintained goes what should I be concerned about. They gave us a price; now that we paid it they want to charge more (900+ more). I want to have a better understanding of what may be better for me. I know the b89 isn't bad if it is done right and I have my own ideas of what the tech should be looking for what he comes here. I am wandering what are some of yours? I am going back to some older posts because I know there was something about this just a while ago. Any info is appreciated. This is not the SMA, just a maintenance aggreement.
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    PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++

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