Different color file names in PC-DMIS folder

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  • Different color file names in PC-DMIS folder

    what's up with the different color file names in the PC-DMIS folders? They are blue instead of black, what is the significance of these particular files and why the different color than the rest? We are using 3.7 MR2 on two HP PC,s. I don't believe the CMM type is relevant. Is this a windows or PCDMIS thing?

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    From "Defining Edit Window Colors" topic in the Help File:

    The Edit Windows Colors dialog box allows you to define the colors used for the Edit window text and background when you have the Edit window in Command modes. You can also export your color scheme to use on different computer systems or import external color schemes.
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      This is a "Windows" thing! Recently accessed files are one color while older files are another. If you look across network folders/drives, you will see it there also.


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        Right click your desktop and bring up the desktop settings screen. There you will see the windows scheme menu. I believe there is where you can change the colors of your windows/text/etc. Hope this helps.
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