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  • Iterative aln. plane pnts

    When you create an iterative alignment
    and you are selecting more than 3 points to set the plane
    lets say 9 hits ,three for each 20 mm net dia and on 3 seperate planes
    or 3 nets on an even plane
    What are the exact 3 points that will be used to create this leveling plane?
    DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:

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    first post

    is this working?
    DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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      This doesn't really answer the question posed but I thought I'd answer anyways. Too much information isn't a bad thing it just gives you alternatives.
      I don't have any experience fixturing w/nets(by the way what do these net thingies look like, anyone?)...but I'll throw in my idea anyways. What if you took each of the 3 sets of 3 points and made 1 point from each set? Then you have the average vector from each net plane in just three points, and then from there you can use those 3 points to set your level. Sound viable?

      James Mannes


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        When you use more than 3 points to level it tries to average the deviation of all the hits,(Best fit). One option is to do a max array of three hits on each net after the initial alignment and create a generic point with it's values, doing this for all three nets gives you three points that should represent the "Highest" point for each net. Use these three points to level to in another iterative alignment.
        James Temmen

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