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    We have just bought 3d-dcc cmm(manufacterd by tesa), but we havent bought motorised tip.

    i have a lot of questions, but dont know what to ask,...(no experience with maschine)

    so i would be happy if some instructions could be intervened, if there are some tips how to operate and how to write programms. because i have no knowledge about these software(pc-dmis)

    thanks for help!
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    You need someone to come to your plant and give you some training. Or you should go out and get some training, not trying to sound mean but you are really asking allot.


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      I'll have to echo the above responses. Way to much info to type. you really need hands on training. the books will only lead you into the dark farther if you Don't have DCC CMM Experience. Try brown & sharp training Class most of the time when you buy the software it will come with free training for at least two people.
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        When I started for the company I am currently with, they knew I didn't have much, if any, training with this stuff. They had some training seats for the B&S class left since they bought the machine. They sent me about a month later and it was a big help. I played around with the machine and read the manual at first as was dumb struck. I dont think you can learn basics on here , but you can get more technical stuff when needed.
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          our firm buys us only 3days of trainig with help from supplier, after this you are on your ovn,...
          i will try what can be done, im not obliged to anything
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            Open the help file in PCDMIS. It will tell you everything you want to know. Just search. It will even give you a tutorial
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              not obliged to anything???

              Originally posted by gasper22
              our firm buys us only 3days of trainig with help from supplier, after this you are on your ovn,...
              i will try what can be done, im not obliged to anything
              Wow, that last bit is interesting. I will repeat here what has been said many many times before. You need a foundation on the surface plate doing layout work. You need a strong understanding of GD&T. And you need to understand how the CMM does what it does so you can best determine what to inspect and how. By this last, I mean things like: Can the CMM check flatness? How many hits? How close together? Which algorythem to use to calculate a circle from the individual hits? And the list goes on and on. There is much more to programing and operating a CMM than just knowing how to use Pc-Dmis, or any other software package. You will find lots of help here, for the simple and the complex. I know I was a bit rough concerning the typo in the other post, but I, like many others here truely believe the only stupid question is the one that is not asked. Just try to give all the details so we can give the best answers possible. Good Luck to you.

              P.S. Three days of training will not get you very far!
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                I also have to agree that your are asking a bit much. About like asking for a complete course in flying a plane.
                Originally posted by AndersI
                I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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