Unigraphics,ProE,ACAD plugins?

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  • Unigraphics,ProE,ACAD plugins?

    Anyone here use one of the CAD interfaces? I am running 3.7MR2 CAD++
    But all the engineers are either running UG, or will be switching to it. Will I (or we) benefit from me getting the UGDCI? Anyone?

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    if you get a DCI...PCDMIS will be looking for the actual seat of the CAD in order to open the CAD file, PCDMIS itself will not open the file. this way there is NO TRANSLATION of the CAD file at all.

    if you get DCT...PCDMIS will just import the cad file and read it as translated, not always 100%, but probably close enough in most cases

    so, if your CAD seat is not "available" across your network to your CMM
    9PCDMIS) pc, you will be SOL

    I am not sure if anyone else can use the CAD program while PCDMIS is using it....probably not, which means needing another "seat" in order for the engineer to still do his job while you do yours (verify this with Hexagon)
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      I am running PC-DMIS, v3.7mr3. I also use Unigraphics NX20. When I import a Unigraphics-.prt file into a PC-DMIS program it basically "borrows" a copy from the cad system. The engineer will still have full control of the original model at the same time. As a matter of fact if the engineer changes the cad model from the time you first imported the model into your program, and the next time you open the CMM program, PC-DMIS will ask you if you want use the changed model or a copy of the the original cad.


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        if you want to use the changed model or a copy of the the original cad.


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