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    Ok so this is my problem. I backed up the machine (pentium III windows NT) with PC-Dmis on it for safe keeping, as the machine is getting really aged. So when I try to run the software from a different computer to ensure it is all backed up correctly I get this error. Can anyone explain how to resolve this?
    thanks in advance.

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    Did you move the portlock to the other computer?


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      Did you move the port lock to the different computer?
      What version? If later than V3.5m you will also need to hook it up to the CMM controller, if V3.5 or older, rename the INTERFAC.DLL file to anything and try again.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        Does he need to "install" the driver for the portlock??
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          Originally posted by cmmguy
          Does he need to "install" the driver for the portlock??
          If I could not find a loose connection. That would next on my list.
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            This means you are trying to run a newer version of pc-mis that is dated later than the expiry date on your portlock. For example, if the expiry date is 1/June/2006, you can only install and run pc-dmis version's that were released before this date.
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              Did you try to run Custprog.exe and then run save module list? This gives you a good idea what is on the portlock.

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                Thats where I would start, open custprog.exe, look at the expiry date, then take a look at the pc-dmis setup.exe file date. If the date on the lock is dated after the setup.exe there should be no problem.


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                  Sounds similar to one I had when we switched to XP.

                  Need to find the XP hinstall.exe probably floating around out here somewhere. My personal copy is at the house.
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                    This isn't a hinstall problem. Basically pc-dmis is saying the date on the lock is too old to run the version of pc-dmis he has. Re-installing drivers etc will not fix this. What is the expiry date on the portlock and what version of pc-dmis are you trying to install?


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                      I don't think he's running new software, he is just trying to update to a newer computer.I would check all connections then look at portlock drivers etc.
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                        If they drivers weren't installed properly or the portlock was not plugged in correctly he would not be getting the error "tHE EXPIRATION DATE ON YOUR LOCK IS MISSING OR IS EARLIER THEN THE DATE NEEDED TO RUN THIS PROGRAM."...

                        Pc-dmis is saying that the expiry date on the portlock is too old for his version of pc-dmis, this is why he needs to run custprog.exe and check the date. Sometimes portlocks can go a little screwy.... dates just change out of the blue..

                        What date is custprog.exe displaying?
                        What version of pc-dmis are you trying to install?


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                          I know this thread is old but I am having a similar issue with the date on my lock. We have multiple locks all with the same expiration date but 1 of them is now saying the expiration date is missing.

                          Custprog.exe displays "PC-DMIS Expire : Invalid DateTime"

                          Our SMA has expired in 2014 but we run 2012 MR1 and all the other locks on the same schedule still work. Any ideas on how to fix this? It was pulled out of the computer while DMIS was open if that has anything to do with it.


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                            The USB portlocks always check to see if the computer's date and time have been manually changed, and if they have the portlock suspects cheating and shuts down.

                            Also, removing the portlock with PC-DMIS running has a significant chance of corrupting the portlock.

                            First, if the computer's time was manually changed, change it back and then reboot.
                            That usually fixes that issue.

                            If the portlock is well and truly borken, then you are going to have to call Hexagon Customer Relations Group at 1-800-274-9433.
                            Have your machine serial number ready.


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                              Ok that's good information to know about manually changing the date however I know that is not the case here.

                              This portlock was for an offline seat and not tied to any machine but more importantly will Hexagon even help since our SMA expired last year?


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