PC DMIS is asking me to covert my probe file??

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  • PC DMIS is asking me to covert my probe file??

    I am running PC-DMIS 3.7 MR2. Just about every other time I open up a program that I have created in 3.7 MR2 (YES, THE VERY SAME VERSION THE PROBE FILE WAS CREATED IN), it asks me about coverting the probe file, saying that it's not in the latest format.

    This is puzzling to me since I may very well have just built that probe file in this version. There was a time I had MR3 on my computer, but have since removed it from my system.

    I have tried deleting all my probe files and starting fresh, but this thing seems to keep rearing it's ugly head.

    Anybody else run into this and found a solution??

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I do not know unless you have found a bug. I must ask why you reverted to MR2 from MR3 when myself and many others have found MR3 to be a superior version. What were your issues? The one outside possibility I see is that you actually have a different version of MR2 now than you did before. Before the "official" release of MR2, there was a "beta" version available on the website that was update daily. From you post it sounds like you could create a new probe now and this afternoon try to use it and you would get the update question. My version theory has no answer for that. Don't you love this stuff?
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      I think this is Dmis 3.7 MR2 causing this message, I never had any other version installed and often get the message, especially on the very first lot of programs created. I've made some changes to some of my probes a while ago and since then I am getting the message.
      Sometimes when I Click the OK button Dmis comes up with that famous "PCDLRN" message and close down.
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        Did you export the mr2 registry when you installed mr3? The system might be using the wrong settings.
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          I'll bet that the program was 'saved back' from a newer version. I think I saw that V3.7 MR3 would continue to save the program in the 'saved-back' format for that program EVERYTIME, it wouldn't revert back to just saving, so it might be the program you used BEFORE you get the message because it is saving back to V3.5, no MR, and in doing so, it makes the probe file to that version as well.
          Originally posted by AndersI
          I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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            What Matt Said . . . .

            Yes, if you save a porgram to an older format, this becomes the default format for all saves. Now, every time you open a program, it wants to bring it forward into the new version, probe file included.

            To avoid this, open a program, then do a Save_As and select PC-DMIS program as the current format instead of version 3.5, or version 3.6, or whatever else might be the current Save_As format.


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              I think this indeed is the problem. I remember a few weeks ago I saved a program back to a 3.5 version. It must have defaulted to that setting. I have now changed it to always save as the current version.

              Thank you so much for your help.



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