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    We are trying to correlate the runout of a OD back to an ID using the CMM and indicator. I printed the text analysis of the runout for every point taken. It shows the actual X,Y,Z,I,J,K and deviation for all points. I see the max and min values in the deviation column and it adds up to the runout result. How is the deviation computed?

    We are using 3.7 Version


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    Mathematical Definition of Dimensions
    The runout dimension determines the runout of the first feature with respect to the
    second feature (i.e., the second feature becomes the datum feature). If only one
    feature is selected, the origin of the current active alignment and the workplane
    vector define the datum feature. The text in the Edit window for the datum feature
    will read "THE ORIGIN".
    This option works for circles, cones, cylinders, spheres, and planes. This
    dimension type is considered one sided, meaning a single positive value tolerance
    The runout for circles, cones, and cylinders is the difference between the max and
    min radial deviation of the measure points from the datum axis. The runout for
    spheres is the difference between the max and min radial deviation of the measure
    points from the datum origin. The radial deviation of circles, cylinders and
    spheres is based on the measured radius of the feature. The radial deviation of
    cones is based on the radius at the cone height of each measure point using the
    measured angle of the cone.
    The runout for planes is the difference between the max and min deviation of the
    measure points from the plane formed by the feature plane’s measured centroid
    and the datum vector.
    For cylinders, cones, spheres and planes, the reported runout is the total runout.
    For circles, the reported runout is circular runout.
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