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    Hi All:

    I'm a newbie, If you have a plain shaft, Can you meas. a cylinder
    on the body and plane at the end, level to a plane and rotate
    on the cylinder for the alignment? I know they have both the same
    Cosine direction, but how do you make an alignment for a simple Cylinder?

    Thanks in Advance.

    I frequentlu visits this forum and I've learn a lot.

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    However, if you have a plane cylinder, stand it on end then take a plane on the top and level to it. Then take a cylinder on the the OD or ID and you dont have to worry about rotation.

    If the cylinder is too long to stand on end then yes you can rotate to a cylinder. Make sure you level to the plane before you rotate.


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        not a problem, we all started somewhere

        by the way
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          However, it might be better to level to the cylinder! If the face is the primary datum, then by all means level to it. But a lot of the cylindrical parts I deal with have the od, or a portion of the od, as the primary datum, in which case you should level to it. It is not good practice to rotate an axis that is already immobilized by leveling to a plane. It is also not good practice to have more than one rotation in an alignment. I have seen both of these cause problems. If you do not know about the the 6 degrees of freedom, you need to review alignments. I believe there is some tutorial stuff on the B&S website. HTH
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            What Wes said!

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              I would level the cylinder and set the end of the shaft as a axis orgin.
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                Well,I think it all depends which one is your Primary Datum like wes cisco said
                allways follow your datums and it's better to qualify the datums too.if there is no datums look for the better features to use,like a machine face with good
                flatness or tight tolerance features.I hope this helps.


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                  Hopefully whoever designed it used the C/L as the primary datum. If not i would go to the engineer and see if i could get it changed.
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