Profile Analysis - show point info on part?

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  • Profile Analysis - show point info on part?

    Good morning all,

    When I do an analysis of a profile of a section scan, I can get point info to show up on the analysis graphic window. But after I close the graphic window and hit apply then close in the analysis window pcdmis overlays the analysis on my part in my normal graphic window. I get a lot of arrows, but no numbers.

    How can I get the numbers to show up in my graphic window? Do I have to break each scan into points and dimension just the ones I want? Or is there an easier way?

    thanks all!
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    (2) Global Image PH10M+, SP25, FCR25-L6 CAD++ 2019R1SP10
    MicroExel pfx uha PH6, TP200 CAD++2019R1 SP10

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    I believe you have to go into view window and then show point info then you can edit specific points from there.
    DEA SCIROCCO-15-10-09
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