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  • Bonus Tolerance of a TP

    I need to check the true position of a 4 holes in the x & y direction. The feature is a RFS, however you have a MMC on the -A- datum. I dimensioned the feature with an RFS on the Feature and a MMC on the -A- datum. However I don't believe the bonus tolerance calculates correctly. It is a 48.54 inside dia. +0/-0.18. The diameter checks 48.54. The bonus tolerance changes for each hole. It is given me bonus tolerances of .07, .09, .10 & .07. Shouldn't they be the same since their is only 1 -A- Datum and shouldn't it calculate to 0.18 bonus tolerance?
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    Search this forum for MMC and/or Trueposition, you will find volumes of detail about what the demon is doing to you and how to work around it. CraigerNY posted a workaround using varriables that is probably worth looking into. HTH
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      As long as you are only checking 1 modifier box ( material conditions) in your true position dimensioning box i would think it would calculate correctly. I run 3.5 mr2 and when you check multiple boxes it does not calculte all the bonus.
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