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  • Probe Corruption

    Late last week we had a probe go corrupt. 2nd shift guy was running a program that we had run MANY times in the past. Program went and picked up the next probe and WHAM drove right into the part and broke a tip off.
    3rd shift does the same thing with the same probe and breaks off another probe. So he leaves it the way it is for me to see. I take a look and the probe file itself is corrupt. When I opened the probe utilities box for that probe it LOOKED wrong. The probes were in the middle of the extension and it was just messed up. I went ahead and rebuilt it and that seemed to fix it. Program runs fine, no problems.

    ANY and ALL ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have never had a probe file become corrupt in the 12+ years of programing.

    I would be suspicious of an error on their part
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      I have had several get corrupted. No rhyme or reason why. I go into the DMIS directory and delete and then rebuild.
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        I have prior to 3.5 kept the probe files in the root of pcdmis. Since 3.5 I have always kept them in their own folder. I don't run newer versions greater than 3.5 mr2 either. So that might be the reason for the corruption possibly.
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