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    Good Morning Everyone,
    I have a question about a TP callout. The part that is being measured has a cylectrical area. The control frame has tp and two levels of dia tol. The top has [dia (symbol) .020"][A][BM][C], then under that one, there is [dia (symbol) .015"][B], all of these have the TP symbol in a main box the is beside both. I'm unable to scan the print. or I would have it on here. Now, how do I approach this?
    Not to mention, the faro that I'm supposed to be using is still in the box, class for the cam2 software is not until 07/06/06, and they (we) are using scales and squares to measure everything.
    Yeah,,,,this is the "job" that I accepted, the parts are welded components that are made of armor plates for a vehicle. No climate controlled lab,,,,,,no private office,,,,,,, At least the money is ok,,,,,,,........I can't check back here until I get off of work. Thanks in advance.


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    The first True Position is relative to the Datums:
    A (Primary Datum)
    B (Secondary Datum at Max Material Condition (MMC)) Probably a Hole/Bore.
    C (Tertiary Datum)

    The Second True Position is relative to DATUM B ONLY.
    This is probably because the bore in question and Datum B are in line.
    The 0.015 True position is to check that the bores are in line.

    Hope this helps
    I am a Mushroom................Kept in the dark and fed on sh*t!!!!!


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