where's the adjustment screw?

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  • where's the adjustment screw?

    I posted a thread recently about bumping the PT10T head. I check the alignment and it is slightly off. I was told by my regional tech that there was a 3 or 4 mm screw on the back bottom of the z-rail to make the adjustment. I have a B & S One CMM. I can find a 3mm on the front that looks like it, but nothing on the back. Even the manual said it was on the back. He mentioned it was hard to find. Anyone know where it is? Maybe I do need new glasses.

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    The tightening screw can be on either side of the Z-ram. If you look at the bottom of the Z-ram just above the PH10T there should be a bracket (probably square in shape (but no promises) that is bolted to the bottom of the Z-ram) that has a hole in the center of it for the stem of the PH10T to slide thru. The screw you are looking for should be running through that bracket and holding the PH10T in place. Depending on how the Tech that installed your CMM bolted that retaining plate to the bottom of the Z-ram will determine which side that screw will be on the Z-ram. I know this is the setup for a PH9/PH9a and the PH10T resembles those motorized heads.

    Hope this helps,

    Doug Wells


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      Thanks Doug. What are you doing here on a Saturday. Misery loves company.


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        I'm a liitle slow replying

        Hey Ralph;

        My employer and I reached an agreement. They only ask me to work on days that end with a 'y'. Actually, I was trying to get ahead because B&S is here this week to calibrate our DEA Scirocco. Have a great day.

        Doug Wells


        Did the advice help?


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