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    Everything was fine and all of a sudden after running new part got error:unable to access database for read operation. Changed the xstats11 file name and no change. Went to datapage-editor-database-unlock. Now when it tries to update I get Database system error:921 DBUSERID is already used by someone else. Not real good with files so any help would be nice. I see where a previous post said to delete (vista.taf and lockmgr.dbl) then go to editor and unlock database. Can I just delete them and will they get replaced like the xstats11 file? It's 3 nights now and seems I am on my own, getting tired of entering all the data, can enter data into other folders but not the one causing error.

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    Go to the database directory. Make sure no Datapage product is running at this time. You can delete any file with the .dbu extension. DO NOT DELETE ANY FILE WHICH STARTS WITH DATAPG6. If you are concerned about deleting the wrong file(s) copy the entire contents to another place as a backup. You can also delete the vista.taf and lockmgr.dbl files. Again, do NOT have any Datapage product running when you do this. Make sure you are performing this operation on the correct database directory. Some people have more than one.


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      Do as stated in the previous notes (making sure DATAPAGE is not running; then unlock the DataBase. Yes it will re-create the vista.taf and lockmgr.dbl files.


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        It worked. Many thanks for the help.


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