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  • Couple of oops.

    Good morning,

    I had 2 slight mishaps yesterday while measuring a part.

    The first one- I had the probe head (PH10T) to come in contact with my part while moving to another check position. I had it on 50% speed. It did throw up an error message like it had hit, but when examining it didn’t look like it had touched the part. Only thing I can think of is if it did hit, it bounced off slightly. I didn’t see any place on the head where it looked as if it had touch, at least not very hard. The part weighs about 250 pounds, so I know it didn’t move the part.

    The second one- I had probe at A90B90 and after a move had it to swing A90B-90. The only problem was it had not cleared the part enough, so when it swung it knocked off the TP20 probe. It looked like there was no damage. I cleaned it up and snapped it back into place.

    I didn’t have room as the part was setting on table to recalibrate the probe. I went ahead a re-measured the part and it seemed to come out ok. The part is still on the table. I have not had another part to check as of yet.

    Is there anything I need to do to check either one of these to make sure they are ok? I know we learn from our mistakes, but not all at once.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Well, head-contact can do several things, not the least of which is it may have move (or rotated) the head slightly on the mounting stub. Also, dropping the TP20 could easily have bent the probe. SO, I would say you have no numbers that mean anything until you re-calibrate the tips.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      When in dought requalify to be on the safe side and rerun the part.
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        I would bet its ok. It is always better to start over then it is to give questionable numbers. Because if they are wrong, its a reflection of you. And people always remember the one time you screwed up. Never the times you did not.
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          Originally posted by Paul Sarrach
          people always remember the one time you screwed up. Never the times you did not.
          A ******** once told me at a review that " you are only as good as your last job " so don't screw up just before a review even if its the only time in the last year.
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            Run a Qual check on the tips used. It will tell you how far from ( or how close to) the Cal value you currently are. If you are within a reasonable distance then your numbers from the inspection are good.
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