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  • Add a BASIC SCRIPT to your toolbar

    This should be simple and easy, but as always the help doesn't help. I'm trying to add a toolbar button to run EXCELSCRIPT.BAS (test32.xls). I can create a tool bar but I can't for the life of me figure out what I need to do to add a button to load and run the script. Any and all help is appreciated.


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    try this
    How to set up tool bar in Pcdmis


    Right button click on tool bar you will see the above drop down menu.
    Click on the Customize option

    You will then get this menu click center tab Toolbars
    In the center colum of buttons click new and then toolbar and give it a name
    You will then go back to that same menu.. Click New again but this time click Item

    Click the 3 dots next to command line
    Next you may have to change the type of file from a .exe to .bas

    Point the path to your c drive and the EXCELSCRIPT.BAS file
    Info the TEST32 and the EXCELSCRIPT.BAS must be located at
    C:\test32.xls and c:\ EXCELSCRIPT.BAS
    For the script to run
    Make sure you hit the apply button and you should see the new toolbar.
    After you have some dimensions click the button on toolbar to open excel.
    I do not have it do it auto I click it myself.
    If you did not have an icon you should get a blank square in toolbar So surf around till you find one you like.
    if you had soap on a rope it would be tied to yer ankle


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      Thank you, I'll give it a shot.



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