Help! Multiple probes not in sync!

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  • Help! Multiple probes not in sync!

    Hi. I'm having a problem with multiple probes in a changer setup not being in sync after calibration. I'm running V3.7, a PH6 head, TP20, and MCR20 changer. I'm using three probes to measure a small part, a 2by20, a 1by10, and a star w/ a 2by20 and 2by30, and a .75 qual sphere. First I measure the 1st tip, click yes the sphere has moved, and manually touch off. Switch to 2nd tip, click no sphere has not moved, and I get this error: TR_OUTOL, Machine Parameter out of tolerance! ( I believe this is the root of my problem). So I manually touch of this tip instead, same for third. Now when I'm taking hits and setting up my program, the hits measured with the 2nd and 3rd probes are off several inches to the X+ Y+ of where they should be in the graphic. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.


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    Apparently your cmm thinks that two of your three tips are not where they really are. First I would check just to make sure that all tips are built up properly. Are you calibrating angle A0B0 on all tips? I believe it uses this angle to relate one tip to another.


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      I would create all new probe files for these and start from thaeir again.
      delete the old one's first.
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      ever stop to think and forget to start again?


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        Bad Relationship

        I have this happen every once and awhile. I think that it might be caused when people switch between versions and dont change probe directory. I always end up deleting the probe files - recreating - for me



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          Everyone seems to agree more or less. Thanks for the replies. Good ammunition for monday!


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