Need Pc-Dmis Update Plz help

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  • Need Pc-Dmis Update Plz help

    Hello Noob here needing some instruction.
    I am trying to upgrade our Pc-dmis software in the shop. Currently (as far as I can tell) we are running on version 3.0. From what I have gathered by browsing this forum is 5.0 isnt out yet so my upgrade of choice would be to go 4.0.

    When I try to DL this file ( I get this warning txt :Size: 524.88 mb
    Date: 17 Mar 2006

    This version of PC-DMIS will not install unless you have a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

    To find out if your SMA is current -

    1. Run the custprog.exe program found in the directory where you currently have PC-DMIS installed.

    2. Click on the Save Module List button. This allows you to export the options you have programmed in your port lock to a text file.

    3. Specify a path and filename to which you will export the data.

    4. Open the text file inside a text editor such as NotePad. About the fifth line down you will see a date. It is the only date in the file. This is the date that your SMA expires. If this date is earlier than the date listed for this file, then this version you are about to download will not install. In this case, you will need to contact your PC-DMIS Reseller for information on updating your SMA.
    Click Continue to continue with the download or Close to quit downloading.

    Sounds simple enough (im not that much of a noob) However step 2 refers to a button (Save Module List) that is NON-existant in my version of custprog.exe

    So I am guessing my Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) has expired.
    This being the case How do I go about upgrading my version 3.0 to the newer 4.0? what number to call, amount to pay etc.

    Much thanks in advance to all replies.

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    In the first place, you probably really do not want 4.0. I would recomend 3.7 MR3. The general number for BnS is 800-274-9433. Be prepared for some serious sticker shock if your SMA is several years out of date. If you drive hard, they will come down some in the price. If you do a search of this forum for "upgrade" or "install new version" you should find some threads on the topic. Matt Hodeman's method is the best. HTH
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      /bump come on guys through me a freaggin bone.


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        Wes already did. But the number for tech support is 1-800-343-7933. Not much else can be done for you.

        James Mannes


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          Call B&S
          Leave a message
          Get a book
          Sometime they'll call you back (even when they stand to make money off you it will be a while)
          Find out the SMA is $3500 a year for every year it lapsed
          Join the B&S haters club
          Install V 3.2063 because it is one of the best and your best choice if you left of at 3.0
          Get back to work or hop onto the off topic forum
          Have a beer
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            Yes.....I agree......3.2063, very good, very stable.........same for 3.7 mr2 & 3........version 4.0?.......Run like h*ll and don't look back.
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