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    I have a program that I need to change slightly to be able to run a similar part. The biggest difference is diameter changes. Not to bad to deal with. The other difference is the location in one dimension (y) of some of the features. Now, I have changed on feature upon which I base an alignment to measure other features. I answered "No" to "do you want to update the nominals of affected features" or whatever it says.

    So, I have a cylinder "master" that I align on and then measure different "slave" diameters associated with this cylinder. When I change the location of the "master" cylinder and answer "No" I expect the "slave" cylinders to still be at 0,0 relative to the "master" cylinder. They are not, they stay in the same place relative to the original alignment. I have done this before without troubles but it doesn't seem to work now. Is it because the "master" is an autofeature?

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    If I think I understand what you are doing, you can assign variables at the beginning of you program for the 2 different location and use the variable to drive there.

    slave1 = label/
    assign/slave1x = 1 (or whatever it is)
    assign slave1y = 1

    slave2 = label/
    assign/slave2x = 2
    assign slave2y = 2

    and use goto labels to get around the program. This is what I do. It may not be the most efficient but it works for me.
    PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++


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      Will you copy that section of that program and paste it in here.
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        Thanks for the assistance but I think I've got it. Not sure why it was doing what it was but it stopped and now everything is progressing as expected.


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          Its called PC-Demons
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            here is some code for what I was talking about. Hope this helps

            SLAVE1 =LABEL/
            ASSIGN/MODEL = "slave1"
            ASSIGN/IN_ANG = 40
            ASSIGN/EX_ANG = 40

            ASSIGN/IN1Y = 18
            ASSIGN/EX1Y = 16

            ASSIGN/IN2Y = 17
            ASSIGN/EX2Y = 15

            SLAVE2 =LABEL/
            ASSIGN/MODEL = "slave2"
            ASSIGN/IN_ANG = 50
            ASSIGN/EX_ANG = 50

            ASSIGN/IN1Y = 16
            ASSIGN/EX1Y = 18

            ASSIGN/IN2Y = 15
            ASSIGN/EX2Y = 17
            ENDTEST =LABEL/
            PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++