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    So I downloaded the 03-01-06 full version of PC-DMIS 4.0 and tried it out. I opened a program that I created in PC-DMIS 3.7MR3 and tried to run. I use iterative alignments(manual and DCC) to align. When I finished the manual points the probe took off. This is a problem that occurred in 3.6. I then saved the same program back to 3.7MR3 and the prompts between the manual re-measurements reappeared. I am finished with PC-DMIS 4.0 until this major glitch is resolved. I did call tech support on this(03-08-06) and spoke with an A.E.; they said they would look into it and call me back today(03-09-06). I am at home now and did not receive that call(perhaps they called after I left?).
    One would have ***umed that iterative alignments would have been proven out (not just "off-line", (the A.E. tried it while I was on the phone "off-line" and it worked)). Shame on WILCOX!
    I will keep in mind that it has not been "officially released" by BNS yet.

    James Mannes

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    There is a problem with tracefields in 4.0.Reported to tech support 2 days ago.I called yesterday and I was told it was fowarded to programing.Trace fields wont show up on reports.


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      I guess I won't be going to 4.0 too soon. Thanks for the trial run.
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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        Thanks for being the Guinea Pig this time James,....

        BTW.... is that avatar not Capt. America?

        If you are an Iron Man,.....

        Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!


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          Thank you!!!

          Thanks a ton!!!
          I thought about the CAP vs. my little "statement" I've used over the years here; just never got the butt moving to find an appropriate picture. YOU are my hero.

          James Mannes


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            James, I got hit with that one too, (not good when using a 0.5 dia probe). One way round it is to put in move points. A pain in the a#* I know but it worked ok
            If I have offended anyone with this post, I'd like to take this opportunity to say BOLLOCKS
            Dry your eyes Princess and man up.


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