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    We have a dea scirocco running 3.5mr3 that blew a fuse in the controller today. Ph9 head.

    We have replaced the fuse(with tech. supports help) but are getting the following error:

    As of now ~ error code [TR INIT COM CTL V 27.00 XCEL SCAN]
    1. Replaced a slow blow 5A fuse
    2. Shutting down the CMM and Computer and doing the start sequence

    Has anyone encountered this error or problem?


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    I had a Mitutoya that kept blowing the 5 amp fuse. Which you can pick up at Radio Shack. I will call my old work back and see if they can help me remember what caused it. I believe it to be a crack in one of the remote controller wires. And we had to splice and reconnect it.
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