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    We have a situation where we are running a program.
    When the one Auto-vector point runs, if you look at the error per the dimension in the edit window, it does not match the error reported in the probe readout window.
    We use Windows XP, PC D-MIS V3.7 MR-2.
    we already tried re-dimensioning the feature.
    The feature is dimensioned to those features we are aligned to.
    Any ideas?

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    You do not say how big the discrepancy is, but chances are it is one of two things, or both. Probe compensation, the readout window should show the co-ordinates for the center of the probe, so you might be off by the radius of the tip. Pre-hit/Retract distance, if you took a hit in DCC and then you look at the probe readout, you are going to see the actual location of the center of the probe tip, not where it was a minute ago when it took the hit. So, unless you manually drive the probe into the part and stop at the instant the hit triggers, I do not see how you can compare the probe readout window to a recorded hit value. HTH
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