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    I started using PC-dmis for the first time today and my task was to measure a part. Three numbers were generated from these measurements, now I have be able to access these in DataPage. What is the way to do it, get the three numbers from each measurement and put them into separate values in DataPage?

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    I take it you have data page. You have to go and setup a directory for you data. This you do in windows explorer. You can put it into datapage, or on the server. Then in pcdmis go into insert statistics command, statistics, Add a directory to list. You have to make sure it you have these files that are in the demo file. or the data will not transfer You can copy paste them from your demo file. I know there is another way, but this works for me. You have to dimension the values you want in order to access them in datapage. check you Private messages. I have added some info.
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      Thanks for waling me through it, it was so much easier to understand over the phone rather than through posting. I definitely owe you one.


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        You should get the datapage training. Let us know if you need info for this.
        Jim Jewell


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          Hi Jim, I talked him thru it on the phone. DataPage is pretty cut and dry. I have never taken the course. What are the benefits of taking it? All I ever am asked for are Bar Whisker charts, Data Reports, and Gage RR. Does it do more than create charts and reports? To me they seem self explainitory. Am I missing anything.
          sigpicSummer Time. Gotta Love it!


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