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    Does anybody knows where can I get a copy of the instrution manual for the
    advance class for Cad++.

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    I got it right from BnS 100.00 for it.. didn't help me at all If you don't have the full version od PCDmis (cadd++) curves and surfaces
    if you had soap on a rope it would be tied to yer ankle


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      here is a summary of the class.

      1. Looping
      2. Variables, References, and the 'Expression Builder'
      3. Basic Flow Control (Labels, Goto, & IF_Goto)
      4. On Error (Program branch on missed or unexpected hit)
      5. Feature Arrays (Accessing the data for any iteration of a feature executed multiple times, as in the case of a loop)
      6. Advanced Flow Control: Looping - The While/End While & Do/Until Loops
      7. Advanced Flow Control part 1 - IF/End IF
      8. Advanced Flow Control part 2 - Else IF/End Else IF & Else/End Else
      9. Advanced Flow Control part 3 - Select/End Select, Case/End Case and Default Case/ End Default Case
      10. Functions (Passing variables - or more accurately, parameters, to user defined functions)
      11. Subroutines (Defining, Calling, & Passing parameters into Subroutines)
      12. File I/O part1 (Writing to an external ASCII file)
      13. File I/O part2a (Reading from external ASCII files)
      14. File I/O part2b (Reading from external ASCII files, File Rewind, more in file pointers)
      15. External Objects (Adding external "objects" to a PCDMIS program: Bitmaps, JPEG's, MPEG's, Wave files, test files...)
      16. External Commands (Creating command lines in PCDMIS that activate and manipulate other applications such as windows accessory programs or perhaps DataPage/DataView)
      17.Basic Scripts (Build simple Basic to execute from the toolbar or from within a PCDMIS program)
      18. Hyper reporting - Hyper View


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        Can you provide Link for this class notes

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