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    Hey All,
    Don't know if it's a program thing or not. I'm using 3.2063 and for some reason when I save report to an rtf file I have major page breaks.
    I looked in setup screen and didn't see anthing changed? Doesn't do it when I save to pdf, just rtf. Wtf?

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    Are there any FORMFEEDs in the program?
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      When I was learning pc-dmis on 3.2063 I was told this was a bug in the software that you just had to deal with. We used to go in and delete out the page breaks. I believe this was fixed for 3.5. Someone else may know more or have a better workaround. HTH
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        RTF files have been a bug-a-boo for EVER with Pcdmis. If you are saving to RTF, you might as well plan on editing all of the reports to make them 'printable'. Heck, the margins it uses to save the RTF files on my computer are not within the printer margins, and I have a pretty dang common printer, and aren't they all pretty much the same anyway? I mean, why make 'code' to put the margins outside 95% of the printers' capabilities that area on the market?
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          I do a select all... and then resize to a 9 and all works but I have to do it to every one of them.


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            Well, I deleted all the form feeds before and it still gives me a blank page break. Oh well, no big deal I guess. I just haven't used 3.2 for quite a while that maybe I was missing something.
            Thanks guys.


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              here be my fix

              I stopped reporting to rtf and started using PDFs. The file's size is WAY smaller and all the new features of Adobe Acrobat 7 makes putting in notes and marking up comments onto the pdf is way cool. Plus the graphics look better.
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