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    What does it mean when during your tip calibration routine, the probe keeps running into the qual sphere? When I do a tip qual, I first calibrate tip A0,B0 manualy & then DCC the rest of my tips, but it seems like it thinks the qual sphere is moved over a bit on some tips, so I have to open up my prehit & retract for it to measure correctly. In the end, all of the tips check out fine, even though shey think the sphere is off center.

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    please post your version to better help in the diagnosis

    I know for fact that ver 3.6 had different values defined for the ph10mq in the probe.dat file. I had to import the 3.5 probe.dat to fix my problem with the "virgin" probes not measuring at the equator during the first calibration to find itself. I also had to edit in the registry the settings for docking during a probe change for my sp600 probe rack.

    I don't know if they ever fixed it in later versions because (like you said) it will automatically make the necessary offsets and run fine the second calibration.

    : EDIT: The other issue could be that your ph9 or ph10 might be not square to the machine axis
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      3.7 mr3


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        Try calibrating A0B0 DCC+DCC. Use a fairly large prehit/retract. Calibrate all angles. Then go back, re-calibrate all tips again with a more reasonable prehit/retract. I would guess that the second time around it works just fine. Somehow it got confused as to where the sphere is. I think that happens when you cal. some angles without calibrating A0B0.

        In DCC+DCC it will still ask for a manual hit if the sphere has moved. The difference is it takes 3 DCC hits to get a rough estimate of where the sphere is before running the calibration hits.


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          I had a problem with my CMM not going to home all the way, one time I calibrated some tips to that bad home and the other tips no longer matched the tool position because they had a different 0,0,0 home position.


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            Probe qual issues


            What it almost always means, is that the PH10/9 is not square to the machine axes. My guess is that the longer your buildup or the greater your "A" angle the worst it is. Think about it, it thinks that your head is perfectly square to the machine axes, but has no way of knowing its not. Someone may have had a little crash in to the head and it moved it. Just lossen the thumb screw and realign it, physically...

            Jim Jewell


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              Yes I've had this too with it not being square. we have 590mm extensions and if its off even the slightest bit, its a mile off during tipquals.
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                Jeff, After seeing that extension i would check that head for square like jjewel said. Good luck.
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                  Makes sense, but why wouldn't it compensate for that after the initial tip qualifacation of all probe angles?


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