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  • moving a cmm

    We've to move a mistral cmm 10 metres and rotate it by 90 degrees. Does it have to be calibrated after the move. My problem is that I can't get an engineer from B&S in here until mid July and the move has to be done next week.
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    For such a short move, you should be OK. Before the machine is moved, run a test part (same part) five times. When moving the CMM, leave the air on so the air bearings don't scuff the ways. After the machine is parked in its new location and leveled, run the same part five times again and compare results from the first set. I would take care to move slowly and smoothly, no bumps or jerks.
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      I would say maybe. Technically you should, especially if it's a bigger machine. If it's a smaller machine with a table supported by the body of the machine, it probably wouldn't be that bad. Anything else would probably be questionable.
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        I would have them hire someone for the move, dont just let any Yahoo touch it.
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          If you move it I would recalibrate it. This would be the safe move.
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            I've moved a Mistral with a hand truck with good results. Don gave good advice for confirming your machine with the before and after checks.

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