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    Hey guys and gals I am wanting to make the cmm go to home after I run the program. Whats the comand for this that I can use? I used to do it all the time with the old hp basic stuff but never tryed it with pc dmis.

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    You can do a ctrl m or use the print button on your jog box if it is set up to do move points. Thats if you are just wanting the machine to move out of the way of your part.
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      Recall the machine alignment, then add a move point to 0,0,0.

      NOTE: Make sure you put in moves to clear the part first. Don't want to go crashing through it!
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        I don't believe you can re-home the CMM once it's been homed. Instead you may want to put in a move point. If you change the alignment to Startup alignment you can put in a move point relative to the machine coordinates, including near the home position.
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          what I do when I want to go to home is I get the value of x,y,z at the home position before any alignments. and do a alignment recall of the startup alignment at the end of the program and put a move point that is near the home position. be carefull to have clearance from the part you might make a incremental move first and you will need the probe a A0B0 for this to work
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            There is a way <outside> of pcdmis:

            if you know a way to write it as a batch file it could be done as an external command

            1. with pcdmis closed
            2. open hyperterminal
            3. hold down ctrl and type ECB
            4. at the prompt type AUTZER
            5. close hyperterminal

            John Kingston's method will get you there just as well
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              You can also simply put in a move point to your current alignment to clear whatever it is you are checking. I use fixtures 99% of the time and if the head is over the part, you can't remove the part without risking a hit on the probe. However, the fixture may not go back on the table in the same place the next time it is up, so I put in a move point roughly to the 'out-of-the-way' corner of the fixture, allowing me to remove the part and keeping the probe over the fixture base, so as long as the base is within the movement volume of the machine, it won't hit a limit.
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              I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                Why do you want to send it Home?
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                  Im going to be having the inspectors do some cmm checks but the fixture wont always be in the same spot on the table. So I figured home is a safe place to rest the probe head. When I was useing hp basic in the ealry days I made every program go home and shut the servos off every time.


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