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  • Datat Page Data to Excel Again

    How do I get DataPages, Data Report to Excel so that they go into seperate cell again. Do I have to down load program from the Wilcox site? Or is there another way?
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    Save the current report to a .TXT file. Open the .TXT in Excel. Choose Delimited by Comma. Should work. Make sure your Datapage options are set to Comma before saving the .TXT file.
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      Scott has a way that works-i do itthis way often too
      save as text with any type of datapage report
      I stay away from PPAP report for an excell sheet ---it joins the result and deviation from nominal in the same cell ---so there is no way to seperate except each cell manaully


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        That was it guys, thanks. It just beeen awhile. and too many people here to think straight.
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          I just save it as an .xls file. It will come in as column/rows and in there own cells. I do this daily. I write macro's to format everything after that.
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