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  • symmetry dimension

    Hi. Anybody share your experience about applying symmetry dimension ?.
    Let's say I have a cylinder origin Datum A. A square slot is lying on center line of Datum A. The print call out symmetry of slot to -A-.
    First, I construct line1 from Cylinder, measure line2 and line3 from slot. Then I apply symmetry dimension by picking line2, line3 and line1. It did not work for me, even I changed all working planes.
    This is first time I apply this dimension, so maybe I missed something. I really need from your help.

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    Sounds like you should be constructing a Line by selecting Line2 and Line3 only. This will give you a symetrical Line and you will be able to output the location back to Datum-A

    Hope that helps,


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      I tried using the symetry dimension last week and no matter what I did I came up with a measured value of zero. I finally just took the axial deviation of my two lines about zero in the X axis , found the difference and created a generic feature with that value as its X axis and repotred that. Let me know though if you figure it out.
      James Temmen

      There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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        Maybe a stupid question...But did you create 3D lines?
        I would take edge points and then create 3D lines using the edge points.


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