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    This has to be the newbiest question of them all.

    How do I replace manual hits on a feature, with another manual hit.

    That is, if I have a line made up of two points, and then later want to replace one of the hits with one at another location, I'd like to just drive over to the new point and hit it. Not sure how to do that for an existing feature. I've been poking around the F9 edit screen but haven't quite figured it out.

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    Put your cursor beore or after the Line in question.....Then manually probe the line with the hits you want and hit done. This creates another line.......Copy and paste the two HIT/BASIC,NORMAL lines from the new line into the old one. But make sure your vectors are correct..............
    Or you could just change actuals in the HIT/BASIC,NORMAL line......

    Hope this didn't confuse you as I'm not too good at explaining things......



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      If you are simply moving the second hit in one axis and you know you want it 50.0mm farther down the part in the Y axis, just change the Y value for that hit right there in the edit window. Everything,(almost), is editable in the edit window.
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        If you are in manual, just simple execute the feature and take the hits where you want them.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Correct, hilite with cursor, then hit "Ctrl E"
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            You can do what Matt suggested by turning it to manual mode.

            You can also go to the HIT or MOVE line in question and press F9. A window will pop up. Just take a new hit and click OK. This will basically edit that hit and change the location.
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