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    I seem to have some sort of file access problem. I have administrator rights on the PC-DMIS station, and I have read/write priviledges in the applicable program directory on our server. But, after performing File - New, I don't seem to be able to save the file. See attached jpeg.

    Strangely enough, I can use Save As, then I have no problems saving the file. Its just the first iteration through, I get the error message.

    Any ideas?
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    You may have lost inter office connection. close everything and restart. A big problem on one of my cmm here.
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      No, I've checked, I have access to the directories in question. And this problem occured a week or so ago as well, I just never got back to solving it. Its still present. Why does the Save As work?


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        check the file's properties and see if it is set to "read only"

        uncheck it if it is

        "save as" will always work because it will create another duplicate file with a different name
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          I get this when I exit a read only file. It tries to save to the file but it is set to read only. I have several files I use as templates so I don't have to go through the setup process everytime I start a new program. If I make changes before I save to a different file name, I get this warning when I exit my template file.
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            sounds like a readonly file attribute because you cannot overwrite the original file but can do a save as to a different name.
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              Having admin privileges locally do not mean anything on the network. It sounds like someone has changed the privileges to that particular folder. Maybe it was by accident. Mqaybe they are messin with you.

              Try to create a subfolder in that particular folder and see if you have full privileges in that new subfolder.

              Also try using notepad instead, create a new text document and see if you have the same problem. If you do then it is the privileges issue.
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                I have all of the rights I need and I can create and delete folders. I t has something to do with starting a new file. I don't know what it is. Like I say, I can do Save As, give it a new name, and I'm good to go. But if I use File New, type in a name, then I'm presented with a file that I can't save.

                Come to think of it, the File New option is sort of funny. It doesn't present you with a directory or anything, so the file only exists in that session, until saved (or in my case, save as)


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                  Update - Problem Solved

                  The server drive needed to be mapped.


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                    Is the path displayed in the error message correct and valid? Is the path in your Default Path Directory correct & valid (if set)? Edit/Prefs/Set Search Path/ Default Part Program Directory selection.


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