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  • Auto Button on the RCU

    Hi all,

    I have a Sheffield Discovery II running PCDMIS v3.7 MR1. I want to know if it's possible to bypass the auto button. When my programs start up it goes and picks up the probe needed to measure parts. After it picks the new module up I have to go and press the "auto" button again to start the program. This is kind of annoying. Can anyone help with information on this matter? My goal is to have different parts on the plate and have a program to measure them all without supervision.

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    Don't know if this will help with what you're doing but I found out yesterday from our tech guy -

    Close PCDmis and open up the Settings Editor
    Scroll down to 'Sheffield' and click on the plus sign (+) and scroll down to 'SendMNongoManual' This should be set to 'False'.

    While doing manual checks the machine would go back to 'Manual' after each auto touch (point, hole, OD, etc). Changing the above corrected that for us.

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