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    Hi Guys I know,I already asked this question about Dxf cad Drawing 2d is a pain on the neck to make a program,I'm trying to make another program I'm having so much problems my vectors are reverse when I create a line it shows the wrong vector direction if the line has to be 1,0,0 it shows 0,1,0.I think is the alignment,I need tips on DXF programs.I wll continue with the help menu.

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    .dxf files usually try to import their own vectors depending on the UCS system it was created in. I usually translate the rotation and origins in my own CAD software before using them in PC-DMIS. In fact, I usually turn them into 3D models so that I have surface geometry to use as well and turn them into .igs.

    I would be happy to help you out with it if you can send me your file.

    [email protected]


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