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  • 3.7MR1 to 3.7MR3

    The guys on first is quitting today and we are currently running 3.7MR1 and have MR2 and MR3 but are not installed. I want to upgrade to 3.7MR3 or even 4.0/4.1. What kind of problems can I expect? Probe issues? CAD issues?

    I know a lot of you run 3.7MR3 and I would like your opinions.
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    I would go to 3.7mr3 and hold off until 4.1 is released. There should not be any problems associated with upgrading.
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      The general consensus seems to be that 3.7MR3 is best "new" version out there. The other two that are used most are 3.2063 and 3.5MR2. 4.0 has had multiple problems reported and I would not try it. My own personal experience was that 3.7 MR1 & MR2 both had bugs and were prone to crashing. I have been using MR3 since it's release and have been very happy with it. Virtually no crashes and if there are major bugaboos I have not run into them yet. So I would definitely recommend you upgrade to MR3, but as to 4.X I would not even consider it until there are a couple of MRs with good reviews on this and other forums. HTH

      P.S. Do a search and look for Matt Hodeman's instructions for upgrading into a fresh directory and you will not go wrong.
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        3.7MR3 has worked the best for me out of all the previous MRs.


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          Keep in mind that MR1 programs can be opened and used by MR3 but will save them in MR3 and cannot be opened by MR1. So keep backup copies of the MR1 programs before opening with MR3 so you have something to fall back on. I tried MR3 and it changed most of my settings on me. So, I downgraded back to MR1.
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            You can also "SAVE-BACK" to a previous version, maybe not to V3.7 MR1, but to something 'older' which you will then be able to open with V3.7 MR1.
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            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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