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  • parsing step file

    I was trying to upload a cad file when this box came up "parsing step file" and then the computer locked up.
    I tried several times, same results.
    Any suggestions?

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    can you have someone open it with UG, Mastercam or some CAD program and export it as an iges file?

    ive had that happen to me too, sometimes Steps work fine sometimes they dont.

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      Sometimes our ProE step files just don't work. I'll send them to our CNC programmer have him open them up in Mastercam, still save it as a step file, and send it back to me. Never had a problem with those.
      PCDMIS 3.7 MR3, 2010


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        Does the STEP model contain closed surfaces with wireframe edges or is it only a solids model?

        If the STEP file is only a solids model it may be too large to parse depending on PCDMIS system memory allocation settings and would of course crash or lock up.

        Agreed that opening a STEP in Mastercam, analysing, and allowing it too correct any errors and outputting as an IGES is a wonderous thing indeed.

        Do you have a Direct Cad Translator? Look into it. If you are now converting Catia models into STEP (which it sounds like you are trying to do, maybe???) or using a STEP model directly from the customer...

        Again, you may have problems if you have not saved the solids STEP files with surfaces and wireframed edges for PCDMIS to convert to PCDMIS CAD. A DCT will allow you to directly import CatiaV5R17 (only for now) models cleanly. AND do a CAD Verify and report out for customer audits (this is a Boeing requirement by the way) to verify conversion.
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