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  • Alignment showing up in report...

    I have ran this program several times without a problem. Now when I try to print my text only report, I get all my dimensions from my alignment showing up on my report. "Plane one measured from 3 hits" then all the dimensions. This continues for every alignment in the program and then it finally gives me the dimensions that I have put in the program. Can anyone please tell me how to remove these??? Thanks.

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    What version?

    Try Edit window layout and diselect "show alignments".
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        Important to know your version since the procedure is different from v3.x versions and v4.x versions.

        In v3.x you need to access the Edit Window Layout. I don't have it in front of me, but I think it's Edit | Preferences | Edit Window Layout and then click Report tab. Then clear the Show Alignments check box.

        In v4.x you need to right-click on the underlying TextReportObject on the report window (you can tell whether you're in the right spot by the yellow tooltip that should appear when you mouse over different areas), select Edit from the shortcut menu and then clear the Show Alignments check box there.
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          Sorry. I am using v4.2 Thanks, I finally got it. I had to clear the show features check box as well... Thanks again!
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