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    I'm in the middle of a program and I want to enter a check distance because of a very narrow edge and if the probe would miss it I don't want it to travle into the part. If I enter 1mm as my check distance for this edge, what do I enter so that it goes back to the default after that hit? Zero?

    B&S ADVANTAGE 12-22-10, EXCEL 9-15-9, ETC.
    PCDMIS 4.1, 3.5mr2,

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    enter the same check distance command you used prior to the check distance you made smaller. just add it on the line before the next feature.

    Check Distance
    This command determines the distance in inches or millimeters (depending on the system of measurement that was initially set up for the particular part program) past the theoretical hit location that the machine will continue to search for the surface of the part until it determines the surface is not there.

    The check distance

    The percentage of the total check distance that PC-DMIS will move when performing a Find Hole operation. The default value is 1 which means 100% of the check distance. Thus .1=10%, .2=20%, .3=30% etc. This only functions with Find Hole operations.

    If PC-DMIS finds a surface within the specified check distance, it takes a hit.

    If no surface is found PC-DMIS displays an error message that it has encountered an unexpected end of move.


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      This is directly from a B&S tech, not that that means anything, Prehit and Retract should be no less than 3.33mm and Check should be twice that or 6.66MM. That is a rule of thumb in my personal opinion. You can change check distance from the drop downs or you can hit enter to open a new line in the edit window, type CHECK, hit TAB and enter the new distance. When you want to change it back do the same thing.



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