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  • point/feature transparency CAD

    how do you toggle this on and off? for 3.5MR2

    EDIT: when you are using points as spheres and you can see the points thru the cad model but they are grayed out (the ones that are inside the model).
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    Try your view -setup window. "show lines over surface" check or un check this box. Hope its what you need.

    Windows 7
    Pc-Dmis 2015
    Global Performance 7-10-7


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      exactly what i was looking for - thnx

      they pigeon hole stuff all over the place in this sw, like the show points as spheres option, what a pain it is to have to open the setttings editor to change the size of the points. why not just make it a setting in the main sw, and maybe organize things a little better like have all cad options under cad options and all graphics options under graphics options and all printing options under printing options.

      EDIT: all view options under view options, all edit window options under edit window options.............


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