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    I have started this new thread because I cannot view existing posts and responses when I am logged in. I can view them when I am logged out but cannot respond when I am logged out. This problem does not exist on my home computer. Only on the one at work. Can someone point to where the problem is?

    I have not ( to my knowledge ) changed my profile. When I log in and get to the main page, all the threads are listed. As soon as I click on one, the screen blanks like it is going to refresh but it just hangs there.

    Any ideas?

    Hilton Roberts

    "Carpe Cerveza"

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    Edit and check all the settings in your profile.

    Yesterday my profile settings changed by themselves for some reason and things that were hidden have now re-appeared and all is not "normal" as it used to be.

    take the time to fix it back to what you prefer

    sigpiccall me "Plum Crazy"....but you only go around once!


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      I have had problems with getting the "CAN NOT FIND PAGE" thingie at times. I hit F5 a few times and it will usually give me the posts. When it does do this, it wil happen a LOT and I will have to hit F5 several times each time I go to a new post. Then, it will just stop doing this for some reason. Don't know if it is over-load either on their server, our server, or just the internet itself, or something completely different.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        I heard the next version of the user forum will take care of all the bugs that the beta testers find???
        Just a little humor for the PC-DMIS users for today.

        James Mannes


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