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    I just got done 'editing' a customer supplied program to actually run on my machine (it would not have run on ANY machine) and they used the AUTOMOVE for absolutely EVERY check point in the program. AND, they used a value equal to the PREHIT/RETRACT values they had in the program.


    If your automove value for anything other than a hole-type feature is equal to or less than your probe radius + your prehit, then all you are doing is making the machine go back and forth without doing you any good. It will move to a position equal to the automove from the center of the ball to the touch locaiton. Then, it will move to the prehit position which is the prehit value of SPACE between the tip and the touch, then it moves to the touch, then retracts so that the SPACE between the tip and the touch is equal to the retract, then it will move the end automove so that the center of the tip is the automove distance away from the touch. So, if the automove is equal or less than the prehit/retract + the probe radius, you are wasting MY time as well as yours.

    SORRY, I doubt that these 'people' who made this program read this forum, but maybe it will help some of you out there as well.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.

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    Matt please use the [manifesto][/manifesto] tags around your rants. I never use auto move. I don't even use move increment. Don't know why, I just never did and besides I really like the CTRL+M thing I guess.
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      I have noticed that playing with automoves. I figure the least unnecessary movement the better.
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        it might be faster to re-write the program.


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          Automoves are really just best used for holes and slots, if you don'y use clearplanes. Good point Matt. There are many people who don't know how to utilize this software properly, its not always their fault, some places just don't want to spring for the proper training, but it is money well spent, don't you think ?

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            if their auto-move distance was smaller then their prehit/retract then i bet they were not aware that they had the auto-move box ticked.

            i personally use auto-move for everything except edge points, i generally use 25-50mm auto move with a 6mm prehit/retract on automotive sheet metal parts.

            i will throw a 50mm grid on, put the view in Z+ or whatever, then create a bunch of surface points from the CAD at the intersections of the grid with the measure button unticked and a 25-50mm auto-move. mark'em and let her rip. i find this a very fast way to program a surface. holes too.


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