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  • MM4 llf files for PC-Dmis

    As some of you know, I'm new here and am getting my PC-Dmis installed tomorrow. Currently using MM4. I've purchased the MM4 Emulator package and was wondering if anyone knows what files (for my old MM4 programs) I need to save to floppy for transfer to PC-Dmis. The actual code for each program are in files named 'llf' in each program directory. But there are many other files associated with each program and not sure if I'll need them too.

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    I went thru the same thing a while back. I would suggest the following to be safe. You can always delete later. Also if yours is anything like mine, you'll need a lot of floppys. I'd also suggest holding on to the PC with your old MM4 software on it for a few months after the change so that you can always go back to get something should you need it.
    all your llfs
    most everything in info directories unless you know you won't need it
    Your 321Noms and 321subs
    any subroutines you created or modified in sub, same with Macros
    any contours and plot stuff
    templates you made
    your comp files (should have all that on a floppy already)
    Anything else you think you might need that you created.

    I went thru each program and saved as I went, it's a major pain but worth it later. Also hanging on to the old PC is good because invaribly I forget something (i'm old and forgetful)
    Couple of other suggestions,
    make a print out, if you haven't already, of any unique programs where you did something cool and want to go back and duplicate it, to help jog your memory. I keep a list of different things like "how to pull and use multiple points" with the program name beside it rather than copying the entire program.
    Something I found useful was to get a notebook and everytime I callled tech support or posted a question here, I would log it in with the answer to my question. that way you can have a reference for later when you run into the same problem.
    Hope this wasn't too simplistic, good luck. this forum is a great resource.
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