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  • error message after alignment

    I am getting this error message after I do an Iterative Aligment.

    Feat ID = pnt3 Datum = Z error = -0.076

    Feat ID = pnt4 Datum = Z error = 0.061

    I am using cad and version 3.5mr2.

    Do I need to redo the alignment or can I make some other change to fix this.

    Thanks for the help

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    It is telling you that the points you used in the alignment can not be solved any better than those values. If you raise the tolerance requirement in the alignment to a value greater than those, you will not get that message anymore. From looking at what you posted, you are taking at least 4 points for the level of the iterative. Well, 4 or more points will NEVER solve with all of them at exactly 0, only 3 'level' points will give you a zero result. It is showing you how much 'out of flat' your Z datums are. If that was your manual alignment, then by all means, do another alignment in DCC. If that is your DCC alignment, try using MEASURE ALL ALWAYS. You may have it set to not re-measure at all.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Thanks for the help Matt

      I will try putting in a DCC alignment after this if that does not work I will just delete one of the points or open up my tolerance.


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        I use those numbers to look at how the parts vary
        lets say the next 4 were close to the same readings
        then the next part was way off
        then if all the other measurements vary from the first 5 pc ran
        you could justify that the part measured correctly
        this part may be a flyer and was not formed the same

        so think of these settings as a tool
        this may simulate rocking on a gage
        you can also change these settings
        DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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