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  • Morning sickness

    I have encountered a new 3.7 mr2 bug over the last couple of days and wondered if there is anything I can do about it. On startup in the morning the first program I open starts fine by bringing up the graphics window but the edit widow is black abnd after a couple of seconds I get the dreaed error message and get kicked out of PC-DMIS, this only happened once yesterday but today it took me three attempts to open the program I was working on last night. I hope someone can help me before this thing completely crashes.
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    I would say upgrade to MR3. I pulled these two from the bug fix list in MR3. They sound similar to your problem, but not exactly the same. HTH

    234569 Part Program won't open
    235615 Edit window Blank after program execution. Can't close or quit.
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      I have had the same problem, but I find that the "blackout" only occurs in a couple of programs. There is something corrupting the program from the get-go. I've gone so far as to delete all of the features and re-write the programs, but it didn't help. I have not yet deleted the programs and re-written them, but that's my next step.


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        Do you have backups of your programs? If not start doing it. I copy the whole folder and store it on the server here. When I have a "corrupt" program or I "inadvertenly" mess one up, the good version is still available to me.
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