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  • Alignment of CAD orgin

    Ok guys I would appricaiate some help here, I am used to programming with LKCamio, but now work with PCDMIS 3.7MR3. Here is the skinny. I start a new program, then import my IGES Model. I have my A, B, and C Datums called out on by my file (This is a MBD part, so there is no print all info is in the IGES file) I cannot for the life of me figure out howto align this model so that my axis are set at x,y,z 0. Can someone explain to me how I can align this model so the axis's are set at the correct 0 points. In my past programming experience as soon as the CMM program was loaded, the trihedren(sp) was stuck to the model at the correct datums so then all we had to do was take 3 points in z, 2 points in y and one point in x manually and then the machine went into DCC mode for an iterative alignment. then once the model was aligned through the iterative alignment then we went through one final DCC alignment to the datums and used our last alignment and started programming the part. I am loading up programs in PCDMIS and the trihedren(sp) is not even close to the model intill after some points are taken and an alignment is done from these points. Sorry for the stupid question but I am always used to having the CAD set just like the part on the CMM as soon as the program is started. Please help!

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    Thats still all you need to do, I'm not sure what you mean by MBD but I know that If I had an automotive part in Carline CAD the xyz origin could be several metres away, just do your 321, probably align to xyz as you want to orient the part on the machine then do your fine alignment in DCC.

    Mr wildebeast


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      CAD orgin

      what I mean by MBD is model based definition (the parts i'm workin on are Boeing 787 parts) When I start my new program and import the CAD model my axis's are no where near my model, and I want to set my -z- orgin at the bottom of the part (datum -b-), my y orgin to left side (an angled surface that is datum -a-) and my x orgin to the front of the part (datum -c-). What I am wondering is there any way to make a plane on the side for my datum -a-, a line on the bottom for my datum -b-, and a point to the front for my datum -c- and then make those 3 datums my orgin and have my trihedren(sp) tied to my model that way, then save the model as then it would be aligned with my axis's all at 0, so when I start my program i could import this model that is already aligned? I am used to when starting a CMM program to have the model aligned the way it sits on the CMM with my datums being 0.000. Or do I just have to import the CAD model do a manual alignment, that snaps my axis's to the orgin and then go into DCC mode for my iterative alignment. sorry to confuse anyone but I could use the help.


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        You could create a new coordinate system if you have access to CAD-software or do it through PC-DMIS (v4.2MR1 at least). Import your CAD-model and check out the 'CAD transform' under the graphics view menu. There you can move, rotate and whatever you need to do to the coordinate system.
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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          I have never done a boing part just automotive. but your last sentence is the way i do it. that is with the data included with the cad. just make my own alignment.. if you can use some of the points on the cad use them.


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            Hello sweden

            whats the weather today. here in michigan usa its 85 and cloudy.


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              thanks for the replys

              I guess I have to upgrade to at least v4.1, I do have access to mastercam 9, I guess I could use that to change the CAD model axis's to line-up with my CMM (I am using PCDMIS CAD++ v3.7mr3) Thanks for the help guys, I'll try some different things tomorrow. If I use mastercam to change to CAD orgin's can I just set the axis's that are my datums to x,y,z 0 and have it roatated the way the part sits on the machine?

              thanks for your help, i'm trying to un-learn LKCamio from my old job and learn PCDMIS CAD++ on the fly at my new job.


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                bdotjdotk: Do not upgrade to v4.1. It's like buying yourself a bag of problems. Instead, go v4.2MR1. Not sure about the v4.3 (yet).

                joryczak: The weather is outstanding - hot like he11! I am now certain - the sun is trying to kill me. Thank God I am doing my hours in a temperature controlled environment!
                PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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