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  • 3.7 Mr 3 Bug

    Why would an Auto Feature such as a sphere that doesn't allow the application of Material Thickness have a line for it in the edit window and be effected by material thickness? Remember the old bug of closing a program with a material thickness in auto features vector points and opening a new program and you automatically got the old material thickness applied in the new program? Well 3.7 Mr3 does it too. I just crashed, lightly thank god into a gage base because of a thickness applied to a sphere. The only place I found it was in the edit window and the only way to turn it off was through vector points. Thanks again Hexagon


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    Hey Bill, what took you so long to find this out,we are having the same problem in 3.7 mr2. I just create the sphere then edit it through the edit window. Luckily I only had three spheres i had to change but next time I will reset it in the vector point like you suggested,
    James Temmen

    There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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      I've only been running 3.7 for about 3 weeks now and this is the forst time that one has bitten me.


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        Yeah, quite annoying to say the least. Been doing this since V3.5 came out, stock thickness, type of DCC Feature, Location of Dcc feature. Oh, and don't forget about the TARGET VECTOR not matching the actual vector when you are selecting the first feature in a new program (at least with vector points). Gee, simple things that can't be done right that used to be right. Just another case (IMO) of the 'new guy' in the department changing a working function because he didn't like the way the previous guy did it. Ya know, they all like the flavor better after they dump in it themselves.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Someone tell me why I want to spend money on my SMA to upgrade from V3.2063
          When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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