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    I running PC-DMIS cad ++ 3.7mr2 on a Brown & sharpe 40-16-24. Need to know if it is possible to translate a LK DMIS program with dual arms to a PC-DMIS single arm. I try to import and get this message "The Dmis translator has found Get and Put statements. Select Dmis file defining remote carriage"
    Please let me know the best way to translate these programs if possible.


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    i think your on the wrong site/forum .
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      You're going to have to edit the program and clean out everything that PC-DMIS shows as not supported. The DMIS import will not majically convert his DMIS export into a PC-DMIS program. You'll have to read each line and make sure the code is correct.

      I have exported PC-DMIS to DMIS and had associate open with GeoMeasure 6000 and run the program after he went thru and changed PC-DMIS specific code to GeoMeasure specific code.
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        There is a PCDMIS Characterization file that needs to be used with the export. It defines(DMIS-wise) what is not supported on the target system(PCDMIS). It is a file that is used with the LK export.

        There is an document on the the Wilcox site:

        The dual-arm thing might be a bigger issue though.
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