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  • Comment's text in custom report


    I'm basically new to the report editing, and I'm trying to make custom report, with a checklist. Question is, 'is there a way to insert a comment's text into the custom report?' The comment is Yes/No type
    Right now I'm using a GridControlObject, and assigned variables for every comment (like V1=C1.INPUTVALUE), so I can make the OK/NOK columns with an 'IF' function, but i have to type the text twice. And have to use different functoins for every line. This makes it a bit difficult.
    The best would be if I could make a template, but if i simply try to use for e.g. C1.INPUTVALUE in the custom report, it won't work.
    I want to do something like in the attachment

    Any ideas for this?
    Thank you
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    Open/select the PPAP report and see if that have the OK/NOK columns in it, if so, you could "steal" the code from that to work in your custom report.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


    • GabenX
      GabenX commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you, but OK/NOK column is not the problem, I already have a solution for that, and PPAP's solution works only for dimensions. My problem was inserting the comment's text to the grid control object with a code if it's possible.

      I'm here right now:

      In the programming field:
      No scratches on the surface

      In the report:
      First column is the text [ No scratches on the surface ] (no code for that so far, but it seems I can drag it to the report when i change the programming field to the other view ), second is the OK [ =IF(variable("V6")==1,"a","") ] and the 3rd NOK column [ =IF(variable("V6")==2,"x","") ]

      I wonder, if it's possible to create a template without using variables, so I won't have to modify every line of the grid control object.

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